Arrival, travel mishaps and more

I am traveling with UC Davis’s chapter of Engineers WIthout Borders. Our group is traveling to Nkokenjeru, Uganda and consists of fellow students Dagan and Mirann, and Bill a professor at UC Davis.

At this point Dagan and I have made it to Entebbe and are beginning our travels towards Nkokenjeru. Bill and Mirann had flight delays and are stuck in Montreal for a few days, so we will be meeting up with them later this week.

After long and exhausting flights, we finally caught a glimpse of city lights in Africa. We had a short stop in Rwanda and the view from the plane window was astonishing. Poking through a thin mist of fog, Lights flickered on the rolling hills of Rwanda. It was then that it finally hit us that we were quite far from home.

Dagan and I spent the night at Entebbe Backpackers LTD, a hostel a short ride from the airport. Despite sleeping in nets, I have sustained the first mosquito bite of the trip on the arch of my foot. Let the adventure begin!



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