Singing in the rain

We had big plans for the day to he’s out of town and check on some more biosand filters, but we are trapped at RASD because it is pouring rain and hailing. I cannot believe how hard it rains here! George, Dagan and I are sitting at a table together and have up on conversation after we could not hear each other yelling over the rain.

As unfortunate as it is that we cannot do the work we had hoped to do today, this rain was much needed. The town water has been shut off and now that they are getting deeper In to the dry season, many water sources are drying up. This rain will be extremely beneficial for the community.

We have also begun reevaluating the fuel efficient stove project and we are hoping to find a way to revive it. This project involves building stoves that use far less wood than the traditional 3 stone fire method. We have been discussing the greatest challenges of creating sustainable projects, and it is becoming clear that maintenance is a huge challenge in sustainability. For this reason, the stoves are worth rebuilding. The stoves help a family in many ways and require no maintenance one they are built. They can also be used for many years. Hopefully we can revive the project!


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